I began melting glass in 2003, and it sent me down a new creative path.  I started torching so I could make the size and color beads I envisioned for a particular vintage piece, and it has turned into an obsession.  It is mesmerizing and soothing to watch the glass move as it is heated by the flame of a torch, and it is empowering to turn this molten glob of glass into a work of art. 

Each bead is individually created and balanced in the flame, then fully annealed in a digitally controlled kiln to ensure its strength.  Before I work on the torch, I find inspiration in vintage items in my ever growing collection.  The colors, shapes, textures and designs influence my work with glass.

Medusa's Stones

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Medusa's Stones


“Fresh Ink”

“Cat & Mouse”

“Sarasota On My Mind”

“Blue Nebulae”

“I Dream in Color”


“Turquoise Dreams”


“Midnight Waves”

“Desert Palm at Midnight”

“Rubino Gardens”

“Mediterranean Vista”

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unique handmade Torched glass beads.